Mono Collective


In 2011 Silvia create Mono that is a collective of different artists that works trough different research methods.

Under the direction of Silvia the collective created different performances, sitespecific, instant compositions and theater-dance perfromances. The main project the company was busy with is the trilogy called Falling. Falling Apart directed by Silvia Bennett, Falling in Love directed by Artemis Lampiri and Falling asleep directed by Silvia.

Silvia Bennett,  dancer, choreographer and actress half Italian half English.

Emese Csornai visual artist and light designer from Ungary.

Artemis Lampiri, dancer, choreographer and dramaturge from Greece.

Tom Goldhand, is a performance artist and improviser from Israel.

Laryssa Ganga, italian/african singer and actress.

Marta Villa Peterson, dancer and actress from Spain.

Federica Dauri, contemporary and butoh dancer from Italy.

The differences in age, place of birth, and professional background gives different colors to the working process and adds many different layers to the same theme, each one has an important role in the creation and the different story of each one makes the work richer and more interesting.