On Being Ill


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On Being Ill

On Being Ill is a 40 minutes sound and movement installation piece. The subject of the installation is illness, and its starting point is the book from Virginia Woolf with the same title. The performance consists of a half hour holographic projection with sound installation, and ends up with a live performance of 10 minutes.

This piece is a solo argumentation that is an endpoint of a collaboration between Emese Csornai visual artist and light designer, and Silvia Bennett choreographer and dancer.

The narrative is a journey along the spine, embodyment of several conditions of illness, and where the illness is never an end point, a result to evaluate, merely a starting point.

The research is directed to explore the possible mental and emotional benefits of a temporarily or permanently altered physical condition.

The performance is an encouragement of the ill, to accknowledge their new condition and to try to formulate their own, new position by it.

On the other hand the piece is useful to bring the healthy in contact with their presence.

We can say On being ill is driving our attention to the content of certain conditions, releasing them from their dogmatic brackets of dictated value.

This pieces is to be presented in front of the widest audience, and the most variable contexts, ranging from hospitals, to high schools, theaters and gallery spaces.

Direction and visual concept Emese Csornai

Choreography Silvia Bennett

Music Gabor Csongradi