Co. Creators: monocollective

The falling project is a trilogy where we set to investigate and explore the feeling inside the body at the moment where we lose control and experience a different feeling that compels us to leave our wills and wants and to surrender. Gravity, attraction, good or bad news, exhaustion – These are the reasons for such expressions as falling apart, falling in love and falling asleep.

We set to explore each idiom and its connection to the body, the psychological feeling behind it and how to convey what is happening inside to the viewer. We tried to look at those mundane experiences from a different point of view in order to have a better understanding of them. In this preview piece, that merge elements from our 3 different pieces – Falling apart, Falling in love and Falling asleep, we present the similarities and the differences between those 3 states. Analyzing on stage what do they share and showing the mechanism behind the actual fall.

Falling by its definition is the unexpected surrendering to gravity. To fall is to lose something – and obtain a state of the body that is new and unknown.
Falling represents a state of mind that includes the entire body, it is something that we don’t decide to do, but is happening to us.
When we are falling we recognize ourselves. All the senses, mind and body come together in the exact instant before we land, the moment that we can’t do anything to control or avoid it. Helplessly we look for something to hold on to, but it is our own self that finally saves us from being hurt.

But why do we need to feel as if we are in control? What will happen if we allow ourselves to stay in the unknown? To let go and fall completely without a safety line and see what happens next. To fall, but to not know where we will land.

Falling apart

Falling in Love

Falling asleep