Created by Keren Ben Altabet and Silvia Bennett
Performed by Keren Ben Altabet and Silvia Bennett


“In her yellow world, one yellow morning, awoke a yellow woman. Sat on her yellow balcony, she drank her yellow coffee and smoked her yellow cigarette. The yellow woman was thinking yellow thoughts as she used her yellow cat to clean her yellow toilet.
Then she jumped from her yellow balcony onto a yellow bicycle to go to the yellow market to buy two yellow bottles of yellow wine. As she was cycling and whistling a yellow song she suddenly saw, on the side of the yellow road, a red woman. The red woman was drinking red wine and singing a red song. “Hey Bitch!” called the yellow woman “You fucking my man?! I see all these orange kids everywhere!”
“Me?” replied the red woman innocently “I’m from another story.”

Alo-dovar is a piece inspired by classics cliches. The concept of cliché  is deconstructed and rebuilt through moments and movements, where the truth that lies on the border between tragedy and comedy is revealed.


Silvia Bennett
born in Italy, she studied Nikolais technique, floor work, contact improvisation, release,  theatre and theatre for children in Florence.
In 2008 she moved to Amsterdam and she’s working as freelance performance artist in Netherland, Italy and Poland
she have a degree certificate to professional educator social – cultural with the university of Formation Science in Florence.
She’s collaborating with MagPie company direct by Katie Duck
and working for Memo association in Amsterdam

Keren ben altabet- Israel
trained in professional gymnastics,
trained as a professional dancer in the Kibuts dance company -MASPA, Israel.
finish studies in theater and acting,
worked in the Acco fring theater as an actress and as a dancer,
danced  and produce for the Liat dror nir ben gal dance company in the desert of Israel.
living in Amsterdam, dancing for the magpie improvisation music dance company, creating dance, movies and streets performances.