Falling in love


In “Falling in love”  five performers embody the internal earthquake that happens when we fall in love. They visually manifest the abstract of all feelings, breaking down all frontiers to eventually surrender to their own falling.

Love contains a certain innocence that makes me cry, tears coming out of my eyes; it makes me tremble, close my eyes; it puts on my face a soft smile / Love contains innocence and a sensation that makes me sigh for it the moment I experience it / It’s timeless / Love has no time. Love doesn’t belong to time / Feeling just in place; without suspense; or maybe just full of suspense? / Love is the aura around my body. It feels like you. As if I put you on, like a shirt. As if I wear you / Love makes me blind? Maybe love makes me see clear happiness? / Love makes invulnerable the susceptible, wounded body 
Concept: Silvia Bennett
Choreography / Direction: Artemis Lampiri