Falling apart

“Falling apart” is an idiom, a phrase that represent a mental state, a mental state that has a profound impact on the body. In this physical theater piece we set out to explore and investigate the emptiness and chaos inside the body at that situation – The black hole that sucks the breath out of your lungs, the explosion of screams and the collapse of despair when the body is drained out of power.

Falling apart is a phrase most of us have used to describe our feeling at some point of life. It is a common sensation that every one felt in his life, the sensation caused from an injury, a trauma or devastating news that changes everything. Falling apart is when the past is no more and the future is yet unclear, this sudden event forces you to be in the present now, to be with that feeling that takes hold in the body.

The performers in this piece represent this feeling through physical movement as a result of a vigorous research into the body and into that state of mind. We explored this subject and feeling of dissociation from our body, and even dissociation of different body parts and joints inside the body. In this investigation we tried to achieve a state where the performer loses his control over his body, when its own body parts have their own will and life.

During this process where we tried to push the limits of the body and the feeling into the extremities, we discovered that Sometimes the same physical phrases taken out of its mental concept or pushed too far, can generate a reverse feeling – from tragic to comic and back again.

We created “Falling apart” as a piece where theater, dance and voice are combined in order to try and describe the bodily feeling that cannot be expressed by words.

Concept and choreography: Silvia Bennett

Performers and Co-creators: mono collective