Op de bruggen




The Op de Bruggen group is a collective of artists that believe in researching and in confronting work. We started working with different artists, we organized some workshops: dance, voice, juggling, papier machè making and music.

Our intention was to give to anyone (amateur and professional) the possibility to express himself, and try to work with new materials.

After every technical class we where confronting ourself improvising together, to search in depth the possibility that the new material was giving us.

Every meeting was lead by a different artist, we created a meeting point where everyone shared its own idea and question about art.

Through this experience we now understand that it is very important to develop new things and new thoughts, to have a free space to confront ourself with people, a space where it is allowed to make mistakes, ask questions and maybe not getting any answers.

We believe that art is part of life, with the “op de bruggen group” we organized some performances in the street.

Janus was played in May by 20 people: amature, dancers, musicians and painters who worked together on a bridge in Vondelpark-amsterdam, that became a special frame for an exciting performance.


In June we organized the SCUB FESTIVAL.

During the evening we invited people to participate to 5 different free workshops: Tamburin, Papier machè, drums, voice and juggling.

During the night we presented different performances: Dance, Free Jazz, Voice, overtoon, Poem and African Music. And at the end all the artists played together in a huge jam session.

In December we performed in Kalverstraat Jesus Christ super store

a performance against the consumerism.

This collective and interactive work opened possibilities for the people to discover art and being freely envolved


To celebrate the Summer Solstice the 21th of june we organized some workshops about movement and perception in nature and music/dance impro