Street performance

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I started working on street performance in 2008. I decided to investigate different possibilities of interaction with the audience and place my performances in a different environment.

I started working with performances that already had a structure and later I decided to apply improvisation on the street to train and analyze the body posture, the emotional reaction of people passing by.

The street is a different play ground, people don’t aspect to see a performance, and they are free to stop or not. For me it is really interesting to investigate the presence that a performer needs to have on the street and the different awareness and concentration that this environment suggests.

Street Magic Dools

 Amsterdam 2010

The Pixie and the Butterfly Amsterdam 2009

Besecò with Los Mokys Salento busker festival 2008


Improvisation toward Street Performances by Silvia Bennett

as part of the Summer Course directed by Katie Duck


Monday 1st , Wednesday 3rd , Friday 5th 10.00 – 12.00 h

Studio Seven Eerste Nassaustraat 7 Amsterdam.

The aim of this workshop is to develop conscious presence while improvising in a street performance. Each session begins with a warm-up based on exercises that develop the awareness of the inside of the body towards the outside to reach a conscious presence. We will investigate the possibilities of the body to manipulate the space through imagination and how create fast reaction on the inputs of the environment. We will use a grid of analysis to investigate the body posture and the emotional message behind it to reach a conscious understanding of the audience.

At the end of the workshop the students are invited to present a performance on the street of Amsterdam to confront themselves with a different environment. 

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