che cosa accadrebbe se, invece di limitarci a costruire la nostra esistenza, avessimo la follia o la saggezza di danzarla?” (Roger Garaudy).

In 2007 Silvia create the group BESECO’ in Florence. Where she tried to combine different arts and way of expression. She worked with dancers, jugglers, clowns, actors and musicians.

Beseco’ was working in a collaborative way, every one was giving his one material to the other people: capoeira, ballet class, African dance, butho, theater, clown, acrobatic, itch class analyze form a contemporary dance method inspired by Alwin Nikolais.

After every technical class we where confronting our self improvising together, to search in depth the possibility that the new material was giving us. We where researching all the possibility to get out of our conscious and give space to the “no sense” seated in our unconscious. We reached a really good listening. When we where doing performances the audience couldn’t say if the piece was improvised or prepared before.

This kind of approach give us a lot of material to work with and also the awareness to live the moment and let the piece append, forget our ego and be part of something that is been create out of us but thought by our intentions.